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SI Amendment #1

The official notice is posted on the official notice board at NSC, and reads as follows:

FANFARE 2018 Sailing Instructions Amendement 1

Attachment B is changed as follows:

Mark 3 is no longer a mark of the course on the finish leg.

See Copy of Amended Attachment B as attached.

Hugh McDowell, Race Officer

Peter Wood, Chief Judge

September 8, 2018Clarification from FANFARE web team: Attachment B as attached is posted on official notice board only.

Fleet cutoff

The following fleets met cutoff and are sailing FANFARE 2018: Albacore, 505, Open Catamaran, Fireball, Laser.

Posted on behalf of FANFARE chair Rune Lausten

NOR amendment #1 : Eligibility and Entry - typo corrected

This entry is posted on behalf of FANFARE 2018 Chair

NOR section 3.1 is deleted and replaced with the following:

3.1. The regatta is open to boats of the following Classes, which are designated Classic Fleets:

  • 505
  • Albacore
  • Fireball
  • 420
  • Laser
  • Open Catamaran

For the Open Catamaran class, boats from other classes will be considered at the discretion of the Regatta Chair.

[Typo corrected  6 September 2018, accidentally omitted a class]